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Singer Wealth Advisors Tactically Managed Spartan Account

The vast majority of stock based investments like Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's), Mutual Funds and separately managed accounts of individual stocks use what's known as a long term "buy and hold" strategy. These strategies will occasionally buy and sell underlying stocks in order to try to overweight stocks that that are believed to be undervalued and underweight stocks believed to be overvalued, in an attempt to create excess return or "Alpha". However, these strategies generally remain fully invested at all times. The attempt to buy the "best" stocks are often futile, as numerous studies show that most mutual funds do not beat their benchmarks in any given time period and especially over long periods of time. In any case the traditional investment approach anticipates being invested when the markets are both plummeting and increasing sharply in value. Disciplined and patient investors will generally be rewarded with returns that track the long term returns of equities.

Unlike the traditional buy and hold approach, The Spartan account utilizes the buy and sell approach. Instead of making decisions based on the long term fundamentals of a basket of publicly traded stocks or based on an overall index, the Spartan Account utilizes technical analysis to track and predict the short term movement of major stock indexes. This strategy is designed to remain safely in cash until such time as the analysis identifies a "high probability" trade. Typically the trade is completed within a few days to a couple of weeks. When such an opportunity is identified, the account will typically invest in leveraged ETF's that track the movement of an index by 2x or 3x. Additionally the strategy can and will invest in ETF's that are designed to appreciate in value when the markets are going up as well as inverse ETF's that will potentially appreciate when markets are going down. Unlike other tactically managed accounts. Each trade employs the use of carefully calculated stop loss orders to help mitigate the effect of a losing trade. Both buy and hold strategies and tactical strategies have risk. Most long term investment strategies assume the risk of a protracted economic downturn whereas a tactically managed account assumes the risk that the manager's analysis may be inaccurate. However a tactically managed account which is based on technical analysis is not necessarily correlated to the performance of overall economy or the fundamental health of the stock market, therefore having an allocation to a 100% tactically managed long/short account has the opportunity to provide even further diversification to one's overall investment strategy. Please see our monthly performance results since inception.


Pete Georgakopoulos has been a successful trader for over 25 years after learning how to trade from two of the all-time great traders, each of whom possessed their own distinct styles. Mr. Georgakopoulos has dedicated his trading career to sharing the knowledge he has acquired over the years with virtually anyone who wanted to learn how to potentially get better trading results. After graduating from St. John’s University in NYC in 1988, Mr. Georgakopoulos worked as a licensed pharmacist. However he soon discovered his true passion was trading stocks. He began devouring all the information he could on various trading techniques. In the mid 1990’s Mr. Georgakopoulos made one of his best investments of all time. He hired one of the all-time greatest investors William J. Oneil, founder of the Investor’s Business Daily, to teach him all that he knew about investing. Not satisfied learning only one specific style he subsequently studied under Jerry Favors who at the time had been frequently featured on CNBC for his trading prowess. Mr. Favors was an expert in the use technical signals like the Elliot Wave and Gann Theory. Mr. Georgakopoulos then began to put all that he learned into action. In 1999 he founded his stock picking blog “The Spartan” which is named after his birthplace, Sparta Greece. After achieving a large cult following, he launched a paid membership site in 2005. Over the past few decades he has developed a trading strategy that has yielded impressive, consistent gains*. During the financial crisis of 2008-09 he used these very same techniques to yield explosive gains*.

For many years Mr. Georgakopoulos provided general advice about individual stocks. Over time Mr. Georgakopoulos came to realize that by investing in ETF’s instead of individual stocks, he was able to dramatically increase the accuracy of his trades. In his newsletters he would offer a general outlook for the day in terms of the directional probabilities of the stock market and offer practical suggestions of potential trades that could be used to capitalize on the expected movements. Mr. Georgakopoulos is especially proud of his proprietary algorithm, Gamma Money Flow, used to analyze tick data and the corresponding volume associated with both the up-ticks and the down-ticks.

Beginning in 2019 The Spartan started making specific time and price buy and sell recommendations to its subscribers. Later that year a Florida Investment Advisory firm became aware of Pete Georgakopoulos’ impressive trading track record and started offering a separately managed account with much success to their affluent clients based exclusively on the trade recommendations of the Spartan. Investors who are invested in that managed account especially enjoy receiving daily emails outlining the latest technical analysis and the rationale for the pending trades. Very few managers update their clients in real time on the trading that is occurring in their accounts. Mr. Georgakopoulos famously warned his subscribers and the advisory firm’s investors on February 6th 2020, while the markets were at all-time highs, that the threat of the novel coronavirus could cause a significant market downturn and,therefore, it was safest to remain in cash. Mr. Georgakopoulos is adamant about not over trading. Whether going long or short, capital should be put at risk only to take advantage of the highest probability trades and, in the absence of very high probability trades, capital should remain safely in cash.

Additionally, all trades must be carefully crafted with the appropriate stop loss orders in place to mitigate investment risk. Mr. Georgakopoulos is keenly aware of the awesome responsibility that he bears by having so many people’s investments success riding on his shoulders. For that reason, he is ultra-vigilant to always employ multiple risk mitigation strategies.

Mr. Georgakopoulos has been interviewed in the Palm Beach Post and the Sun Sentinel. He has been a frequent guest on several prominent financial radio shows on 610 WIOD in Miami and 1290 WJNO in Palm Beach as well. Mr. Georgakopoulos resides in Long Island with his wife. Additionally, Mr. Georgakopoulos is extremely proud of his two daughters one of which is attending The George Washington University Medical School and the other who works as a consultant for KPMG.

*Past performance does not guarantee future results