Retirement Goals

Planning in Retirement

Many people spend decades planning for the day when they can stop working. Those who are conscientious generally try to save and invest enough in a tax-efficient way in order to create sufficient capital to produce the necessary income to last throughout their lives. However, once you reach retirement the planning doesn’t end.   In…

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Is cash a thing again?

For many years, clients stopped asking how much they would earn on their money market accounts because for quite a while, money market accounts weren’t paying any interest at all. However, with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates over the past year, our clients can now earn north of 2 percent on their money market…

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Rough road ahead for retirees?

When planning for retirement, it’s important to make several assumptions concerning expected investment returns, life expectancy and inflation. If you utilize conservative assumptions regarding these factors, your chances of not running out of money will improve. However, according to David Blanchett, the head of retirement research for Morningstar, stocks are likely to return in the…

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